Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa
Mythos Palace Resort & Spa



Dear Guests,

At Mythos Palace Resort & Spa we strive to provide you with the best possible experience during your stay.

We want to inform you about an important update regarding government taxes that will affect your upcoming reservations.

Recently, the government has implemented changes to the tax structure for accommodations. 

As of January 1, 2024, all hotels in Greece are required to implement a new environmental fee defined as the Climate Crisis Resilience Fee. This fee was established under Article 30 of Law 5073/2023 and replaces the previous Accommodation Tax.

The Climate Crisis Resilience Fee is charged per room, per night and must be collected from hotel guests upon check-out. The specific amount of the fee varies based on the hotel's category and the period of the stay, as detailed below:


Hotel Category

March through October

November through February


1,50 Euros

0,50 Euros


1,50 Euros

0,50 Euros


3,00 Euros

1,50 Euros


7,00 Euros

3,00 Euros


10,00 Euros

4,00 Euros

This tax increase is beyond our control, and it will be applied to all reservations made for stays during the Summer Season 2024.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during this adjustment period.

Thank you!

With Warm Regards,

The Management



Dear Guests,

We would like to inform you that in alignment with the latest guidance from the Greek Government and the World Health Organization, the mandatory Covid-19 measures have been lifted.

Effective immediately, the mandatory use of masks in all interior and exterior areas is no longer in force. This includes all hotel spaces where, previously, masks were deemed obligatory. Furthermore, the requirement for protective masks in public transportation, such as buses, has also been lifted.

While these mandatory measures are no longer applicable, we remain steadfast in our commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. As we move forward, we encourage everyone to exercise personal responsibility by adhering to social distancing rules and maintaining high standards of personal hygiene in public areas.

Your safety has always been our top priority, and we will continue to implement measures to create a secure and enjoyable environment for all. We eagerly anticipate welcoming you to our holiday retreat, where you can relax and unwind with the assurance that your health and safety are of paramount importance to us.

With Warm Regards,

The Management



Dear Guests,

According to the Greek Government’s and World Health Organization’s updated measures against Covid-19, the mandatory use of masks in all interior and exterior areas is suspended until the 15th of September 2022.

  • The use of masks is no longer mandatory in all hotel areas as well.
  • The use of protective masks remains mandatory in the public means of transport such as public bus etc.

World Health Organization and Greek Government suggest keeping social distancing rules and personal hygiene measures during our stay in public areas.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our holiday retreat with the utmost safety!

With Warm Regards,

The Management    


Dear Guests,

Mythos Palace Resort & Spa in order to help its guests for health and safety protocols, cooperates with a medical laboratory that can provide covid testing on spot (PCR or rapid).

In case you wish to get a PCR or a rapid test, you may contact the reception desk upon your arrival for further information and assistance.

The cost for the PCR test in the hotel is 60€ per person and the cost for rapid test is 20€ per person.

Taking actions to offer you a holiday retreat with the utmost safety, we are looking forward to welcoming you!

With Warm Regards,

The Management    


Dear Guests,

As we welcome you back to Mythos Palace Resort & Spa, we are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19.

Our cleaning program will include:

Hotel staff

  • All our staff members are aware and trained through seminars of how the Covid-19 virus is transmitted and able to provide information to our guests.
  • All our staff members will perform a rapid test according to the latest guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping (rooms and public areas)

  • We will reinforce our sanitation services using disinfectant liquid in all public areas.
  • We will pay special attention to cleaning “high-frequency touch points” such as door handles and elevator knobs.
  • Meticulous cleaning and very good room ventilation will take place between stays of our guests.
  • The doors and windows of all rooms will be opened daily for natural ventilation.
  • Individual antiseptic gels will be placed in each room.
  • The use of disposable gloves is no longer mandatory for the guests through their meals at the Restaurants.


Spa services & Gym

  • Social distancing rules apply (2-meter distance between staff members). Guests are allowed access only by appointment.


Swimming pools and other recreational water facilities

  • Only outdoor swimming pools in hotels are allowed to operate, according to the current legal framework (number of bathers: the crowding density in hotel pools is calculated with an index of 2,5 square meters of water surface per person).
  • Physical distancing:
    - The layout of seats on swimming pool decks (sunbeds, chairs, sun loungers, etc.) will be such so that the distance between the ends of the seats of two people under two different umbrellas be at least 1,5 meters in each direction.
    - All seats, tables, price lists and any other items will be disinfected after a guest leaves and before used by another guest.


Cleaning and Disinfecting a Patient's Room

  • All surfaces that have come into contact with a patient are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Housekeeping staff are required to use a simple surgical mask and gloves.
  • In case of a positive COVID-19 the room will disinfected and all fabrics will be cleaned with a steam device (temperature> 70°C), before sent to be washed.

 The safety and security of our guests and staff was always and will remain our highest priority.

 Fully committed to your well-being, we are looking forward to welcoming you back!


With Warm Regards,

The Management


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  • Last-Minute offers
  • Exclusive offers
  • Full protection of personal data



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